Wednesday, November 7, 2018

October break

The first week of October break we went to Utah for Dayton's birthday trip and as we were there trying to see all of Daytons friends we realized we had a whole second week of break with nothing to do. So we decided once we got home we would just turn right back around and drive the girls up!  I love family trips.  I have so many memories of road trips growing up and to give those memories to my kids makes both of us so happy.  Our girls are at such good traveling ages too so it makes it pretty easy!

We stopped off at the Hoover Dam on the way and I got yelled at by security for putting the girls on the ledge. Got a cute picture though! haha

One of our main plans was to take the girls back up to Silverlake to see the snow.  But the road was shut down so we just pulled over and let the girls play in the snow.  Capri cried the whole time, but Winsley loved every second.  She had this whole plan to catch a snowflake on her tongue!

After the snow we drove down to Salt Lake to grab lunch with Daytons other mission friend and he went over to temple square and the conference center with us.  None of us had ever done a tour of the conference center tour so it was fun to all do it together.  On the tour you go to the lower level of the conference center main hall and then at the end you go up to the balcony.  It's dead quiet in there and when we went to the balcony Capri yells "THIS AGAIN!?" kids :) 

 Dayton's friend Scott took some pictures of us while we were out and I love them all.  

The main reason we went back up to Utah was for a friend's wedding! We have hardly any pictures from that day but the girls love a good wedding to dance at and we love catching up with friends we haven't seen in forever.


I had been thinking about Dayton's 30th birthday for three years.  And it finally was time to pull off a little perfect birthday trip to Park City!  We went during October break.  I didn't tell him where we were going until we checked in for our flight at the airport.  It was the perfect place where we didn't feel like we had to go out and do anything but had plenty of things to do when we wanted to.  Dayton likes to really vacation--meaning not do anything. Relax eat and not have a schedule. So planning this birthday trip I had to be very very selfless and actually do the kind of trip he wanted to. lol.  I would stress to him that the place I planned to go to (Park City) wasn't grand enough or something and Dayton would always remind me how no matter where we went he would love anything I did. And that is the truth! He is so easy going. 

Facetiming the girls the morning of our flight

Main street!

Our hotel had the most beautiful view and the weather couldn't have been better.  The leaves were incredible! The month before our trip I asked Dayton how he felt about surprise parties.  Subtle huh. haha And he's like honestly that sounds like a nightmare to me. hahaha he doesn't like crowds and I had planned on doing a mission buddy reunion as well as a big birthday surprise in November for his actual birthday. Soooo I scratched the big november one and just kept with the mission one.  Because I know him well enough that he would freak out over seeing those guys. Anyway one of his friends helped me text a bunch of the guys and we got a bunch of guys and their wives together.  I was sweating on the way to the restaurant because I didn't want us to drive up and see people still getting to the restaurant.  But it worked out perfectly and he was so surprised and so grateful everyone made the trip.  We probably stayed at the restaurant for five hours talking and catching up.

The next couple days we had a big spa day, grabbed lunch with some other friends who couldn't make the surprise dinner, visited our friends in their new house, and just napped and watched Netflix.  One of my favorite things is listening to Dayton talk to his friends on the phone.  He laughs so hard and have all these inside jokes and its so cute.

Oh! Silverlake!  This was another highlight.  My friend from Utah who loves hiking recommended this place and I'm so glad we came.  We tried to spot any Moose...actually I don't know what he was looking for but he brought binoculars sooo.  It was so beautiful and relaxing to just walk along the trail and not have anything to do or anywhere to be.

Dayton's actual birthday is Saturday and we're keeping it low key with dinner and a movie.  He is the most amazing person.  We just hit our 7th anniversary in August and it's crazy how time has gone by. Another birthday, another milestone, another year going by of learning how to be better people together.  It's a dream to be married to him.  Happy birthday babe!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Capri's first day of preschool

Capri finally graduated the early intervention program to move on to preschool! I can't think about her teacher of the visually impaired (TVI) that we had with us for three years with out tearing up.  It was a really sad but a happy day to see how much Capri has grown.  She would come doctors appointments with us to help support me in asking the right questions or clarify for me.  She would be in our home every week to teach Capri how to navigate evey day things and help us know how to best help Capri. We'll miss her so much.

We had to do alot of paperwork and meetings to transition her out of the program and have the district decide where the best placement for her would be.  A school for blind children or the district special needs classroom.  I love writing special needs now, by the way. First, because it's true. It's a special classroom with kids with speech impedements and some other learning disabilities. Second, because it doesn't make me sad like it would have a year ago.  It's just a part of our life now and it's kind of sad but it's also the best thing for her all at the same time.  I'm just been so grateful that there are options for my kids. We are so lucky to have access to these different schools and to live in a city that has great resources for our kids. Anyway, the meetings were great and they walked us through all of it and we decided to keep her in the school district and we felt really good about it. She'd be with peers more her speed and she would be pressured to keep up with them.

We realized after we got her school schedule that there wouldn't be enough time to get Winnie from school and drive to pick up Capri so we would have to send Capri on the bus.  Her orientation and mobility teacher was hoping she would have to take the bus because it would help her confidence and help her be more independent.  Capri's number one song is wheels on the bus, so she was obviously ready to go on it.

Her new TVI was there the entire day today (normally she will only be there 30 mins a day to help Capri out) and would snap pictures and send them to me.  I got these in wal-mart today and I started crying in one of the aisles.  This is Capri with her teacher and I want to frame it.  She is the sweetest and I love how she is just in the moment listening to Capri probably going on and on about her picture she painted.  

Getting on the bus!!

When she got home it was the greatest reunion ever. We ran out the second we heard the bus coming down the street and squealed and cheered for her until she came down the steps.  This is the best time of my life I think.  Seeing my babies do what I didn't know that they would do.  Our family look s different than I thought it would but exactly what I know I needed seeing it play out now.  I have been spoiled with a life that I don't feel like I deserve. It seems like sometimes we've come out of this too easy.  Both of our girls are very typical.  We have a very normal life and I feel like it hasn't been hard enough. I might regret saying that one day and I probably haven't lived long enough to experience more stuff that is definitely going to come.  But at this point its been the easier side of life.  I try not to forget all the support from Heaven I've felt in those more sad days the past couple years.  Not take for granted all that is going well right now.  But how could you take for granted your little three year old with a cane climbing onto her school bus? It's as monumental as it looks.