Tuesday, September 5, 2017


We just got back from Disneyworld about a week ago and it was sweaty!! haha Seriously though, we were drenched. The weather was one of the things I was stressed out about most. I kept checking the weather  a week in advance and looking up weather history from past years in Orlando.  Who does that.....But you do not want to be around me when I'm hot.  :/ Somehow I think we were all on a high from being there we just paced ourselves and prepared pretty well!

We spent three days there and went to Magic Kingdom twice and then Animal Kingdom!  We talked this trip up sooo much to Wins and I had been planning it for months.  It really was the best/easiest family vacation we've taken all together.  I used to be so overwhelmed "being the parent" now on these types of trips.  I would always sleep the entire time and gave my Wendy's order to my mom while I listed to my emo songs in the backseat.  But it really is so much fun now!  It's like you're playing house.  Getting lunches packed for the day, snacks, water bottles, figuring out hotels and cutting up Mickey waffles.  I kind of live for all those mundane kind of things we do for the girls to have this trip.

Even this little babe was so excited!! Capri does not stop talking.  The night before her and Winsley were giggling until maybe 11pm.  They sleep in a pack n play together every night and have been for a month.  Sisters are the sweetest.

I love them! 

 We survived, babe. And honestly survived isn't the right word because we were just on it the whole time.  haha Doing diaper changes while feeding one kid and swapping rides while one baby naps.  We high fived a couple times.  

9am and just so sweaty haha Dayton and I begged Winsley to take her jacket off so many times that morning because it killed us looking at her wearing another layer.

And Capri's squinty eyes.  She is so sweet.  I can't tell you how many times people taking our picture told us "Uhhh the baby isn't looking this way." And I'm just thinking she doesn't know who or where you are, it's fine. We got a couple good ones though!

The princess meet ups were my favorite part.  Wins totally down plays it and barely smiles but then squeals as we leave and talks about it for the rest of the day.

Another sweet squinty eye picture and Winsley looking indifferent. haha

As I was looking through the pictures of Wins and Buzz I kept trying to find pictures of us all smiling and then I looked to make sure Buzz was smiling.....haha he had that covered.

Any rides with a breeze were our favorite!

Can't take it.  They're best friends. They loved the teacups and Dumbo type rides together.  Capri loved It's A Small World and loves singing it to us.  Wins would prep Capri before the rides that she already knew.  "Ok Capri it's going to be kind of dark but you'll be ok, you'll ride with mama!  Are you so excited!?" She leans down to her and talks to her like a little mom. haha 

Animal Kingdom! The safari ride was so fun and Capri loved the Na'ali river ride because there were sooo many lights.  She was dying over them. She kept saying "Touch! Touch! Light! Cute!" and then she touches her face with her finger and says "So niiiccee" like as if we're telling her to be nice and not hit. I don't know why she picked that up when she see's lights but I feel like they make her so happy she just associates that word with it?  It's really sweet!

We grabbed tickets to the Lion King show that night and I ran over to see if we could get some better seating for Capri.  I explain her situation and they were so accomodating and kind about getting her front row.  The Lion King songs are emotional enough but seeing Capri light up the way she did was on a whole other level.  Her vision close up is much better and if she was back row or even a few rows back she just doesn't understand who is infront of her moving or what the lights are for.  She was way more engaged and enjoyed it like I'd hope she would!  Those small little things make such a difference for all of us.

Back to Magic Kingdom 

This cinnamon roll was ok. What I loved from Gaston's Tavern was the pretzel sandwhich with ham and cheese. I couldn't pin point why I liked it so much and what it was about the cheese I loved.  Then I realized it was a glorified hot pocket.  I am proud trailer trash!

At about noon every day I just gave up trying.  We ran through the splash pad right after this.  Winsley loved the Barnstormer and the videos from this ride are amazing haha.

Doesn't get better looking than a man with softserve.

That's it! I'm so grateful we got to take this trip and spend so much time with Dayton as a family.

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