Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ok so what have we been doing....

We moved into a cute new house in Gilbert in the middle of September.  We're all obsessed with it! We've lived in prettty rough places our whole married life which was no big deal.  It was the stage of our marriage and it worked out just fine, but at this point we were ready to be somewhere where we could let Wins ride her bike down the street and wouldn't worry.  The house has this covered little courtyard Wins will play in while I make breakfast and it's kind of picture perfect and I really have to stop and soak in those moments.  It feels so surreal!! I can't believe this life is mine! The girls are starting to play and read books together and it's pretty cute! It's exactly what I pictured when I found out we were having another girl.  Dayton is also home every single day all day and it's heaven.  I haven't grocery shopped with my kids in a month!!!! The best part!  haha He can run Winsley to pre-school and we get to eat dinner together every single night.  We also moved back closer to our free babysitters! Date nights to the movies or double dates with friends keep us both sane so it's nice to have everything so convenient!

Living in Arizona has so many perks but I get stuck in a rut.  I get in the habit of not reaching out in my ward as much.  Not attending all the extra ward activities or calling random women in the ward to go to the park with our kids.  So I have to cut that out and push myself a little bit! I'm excited, though, our ward seems great and I get a calling Sunday, so we'll see!

I loved having a family day, but this was way too expensive for quality time together. haha I'm cheap and next time we'll take a walk...... 

Capri is always banging on something or sitting at my feet crying while I make dinner.  I think this night I turned on music and we were all dancing.  You should see that girl body roll.

Best helper.  It takes 3x longer to unload the dishwasher when Wins helps me,  but she absolutely loves it.  Gathers each utensil that matches and then she makes me pick her up so she can put them pretty in the drawer.

Wins is in school at Daytons Mom's preschool.  She loves it!  She has been going to preschool classses since maybe 8 months so she's used to the schedule but being an actual student has been a whole new thing!  It's been really good for her to be in a classroom setting.  She has needed some practice sharing and not throwing tantrums.  Thank goodness Dayton's mom is her teacher! :)  Her cousin Tala is in class with her and they're little buddies!

Wins is also in the Why stage.  It drives us nuts.  Let's just say that.  Sometimes I'm in the middle of trying to explain in depth why the carwash is closed at 7pm at night and then I'm thinking WHY am I doing this?  I'm 25, she's 3! It's closed at 7pm and that's it.  Because I said so! haha but then I'll be up at night thinking how sweet and curious she is and I promise to more patient the next day.

Wins also has two surgeries she needs to get done by the end of the year.  We're trying to get every expensive healthcare thing done before the end of the year so hopefully next year will be a little bit more kind to us in that area. haha They both will be pretty long but we're anticipating a smooth recovery.  I'm sure they'll go well, I'm just worried about her getting put out now that she's so aware of what's going on.  When we went to her plastic surgeon to talk about that surgery, she told everyone she saw the rest of the day her "really nice doctor".

Capri has been having a visual therapist come every week and it's been amazing!  The first day we met her therapist they clicked instantly.  Capri has been fussy around strangers lately, but she was drawn towards B right away! We just started really getting into the structured play type visits.  Helping her learn to reach inside something to get an item or learning cause and effect with toys.  All those times Wins would pull out all my tupperware from my cabinets in Washington at this age would drive me nuts.  But now I'm encouraging Capri to do that. I didn't realize how important it is for them to learn to put things in and take them out.  Any time I'm tempted to get frustrated that Capri tries to play in the toilet or pulls all the toys out of a box I'm reminded that this is good she's curious.  It's good she is exploring and getting messy  (obviously we'll work on not playing in the toilet water) and discovering things.  We have a lot to work on and every time B comes we have new things to practice with her for the week!  She's growing so much! She'll be walking in a month or two I think and that will be tricky but I can't wait!

Her cross eyes kill me.  I am so obsessed!  

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