Sunday, October 16, 2016

Capri turns one

Capri is one!! And this year has flown! Based on how fast this year has felt I'm guessing the more kids you have the less time you have to stop and enjoy them.  So even though you feel like you gave birth two minutes ago they're actually one and they'll be in highschool tomorrow.  It's so fun.  

Anyway obviously it's been quite the year!  She arrived in the world fast.  From the time I arrived at the hospital to the time she was born was a swift and painful hour :)  I'm glad I didn't have to wait very long in pain to hold her.  A minute more was too long without her.  I remember talking to her in those middle of the night newborn feedings "What are you going to be?  What are you going to do in the world?"  I instinctively felt she was going to do something big.  I worried after she arrived those first couple weeks about really bonding with her the way I did with Winsley.  It was hard to split my time with two kids.  But two months later we were in the hospital and the familiarity of being there with Winsley so soon after she was born came flooding back.  We bonded.  I ached for her the way I ached or Wins and it's not the traditional way to bond with your baby, but just like any other relationship the more you go through together the more inseperable you become.  She cries a lot and she has been a really hard baby haha I won't deny that part. But she will get a pass any day of the week for everything she has been through.  She has improved and grown so much just in these past couple of weeks and I'm so proud I could die.  Celebrating her first year was a huge milestone of seeing her growth.  This is not how I expected this post to go. ugh haha It was just supposed to be about Costco cake and pictures of her. I can not talk about Capri without talking about how she has changed our family.  I'm sorry! But she is just perfect and has the sweetest spirit about her. 

She's crawling all over the place, Clapping, waving hi/bye (THESE THINGS ARE HUGE for her growth), saying mama--kind of, sharing her food, and giving kisses! Capri We're obsessed with you and can't believe you're ours!

 On her birthday we kind of did nothing. haha We spent all day cleaning the house to get ready for her party and Wins spent the night at Gramma's so she missed most of the day with us! She basically cried all day, but with good reason I guess!  She is finally getting her two bottom teeth!  We grabbed Costco cake (a birthday tradition at this point!) and pizza for everyone.  I have eaten so much cake since her birthday.  Honestly, it's sickening, but I'll probably have it for breakfast tomorrow morning still. It was the perfect night with all our family partying with all of our favorite baby girl!  

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